The Guild offers an online facility for ordering FindMyPast vouchers, where you can pay via PayPal, credit card, or (by post) by cheque.

We also offer copies of our annual Register of One-Name Studies, and of our quarterly Journals, together with various other Guild publications, for sale by mail-order.

To place an order for any of these items, please contact the Bookstall Manager at the address below. Payment may be made by a cheque in UK currency, payable to the 'Guild of One-Name Studies', or by sending your credit card details (number, expiry date and name on the card), together with your delivery address, to:

The Bookstall Manager, Howard Benbrook, 7 Amber Hill, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 1EB, U.K.

Email to send an email enquiry.

Information about the Guild's distance selling conditions of sale may be found here.

Item UK Mail Delivery to Europe Outside Europe
Guild Publications
Register of One-Name Studies 2010, 26th Edition
   Contains over 7,800 carefully-researched names
£2.95 £4.00 £5.25
Journal of One-Name Studies:
   Current issue, Jan-Mar 2011
£2.95 £3.60 £4.50
Journal of One-Name Studies:
   Last three issues (Apr-Jun 2010, Jul-Sep 2010, Oct-Dec 2010)
£1.95 £2.60 £3.50
Journal of One-Name Studies:
   Earlier issues (free: you pay postage only)
£0.95 £1.60 £2.50
100 Top Tips for One-Namers
   Down-to-earth advice from our members for all family historians
£1.45 £1.85 £2.40
Celebrating 100 Guild Journals!
   A CD of our first 100 quarterly Journals; fully searchable  
£5.65 £6.25 £6.75
Some Publications by Guild Members
One-Name Family History Groups by Derek Palgrave £2.95 £3.75 £4.25
Images for the Future by Peter Amsden £5.15 £5.15 £6.15
The Medical Professions and their Archives by Peter Amsden £4.90 £4.90 £5.90
From Motberlege to Mobley by Peter Howard Mobley £7.00 £7.00 £7.00
The Blencowe Families ed. by J.W. Blencowe £26.50 £28.00 £36.00
Badham Delvings by Peter Badham £25.75 £28.70 £28.70
The Alderman One-Name Project by Bob Alderman £6.00 £8.00 £8.00
An Ancient and Honourable Craft - The Life and Times of a Town Crier, by George Fage £2.45 £3.25 £3.75
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