Within it's membership, the Guild of One-Name Studies has a wealth of knowledge and expertise - both about One-Name Studies and broader genealogy topics and about general social, economic and architectural history. Some of our members do talks in their local areas or on a larger stage, and are willing to (and do!) contribute to events across the world. These members have been listed below, along with their specialisms.

If you would like to have someone speak at your event, please contact the Guild's Education Liaison Officer at education@one-name.org to discuss your requirements or contact the member directly. Equally, if you would like to be included in this list, please contact education@one-name.org with a brief outline of the topics you can cover.

Guild Stand Speakers
Guild Stand Speakers
Guild Stand Speakers
Guild Stand Speakers
Name Specialities Location Contact
Charles Acree DNA | Genetic genealogy TX, USA acree@one-name.org
Gladys Armstrong The Fun and Frustrations of Family History | The History and Streets of Southport | The Marshside Fishermen & Their Families | Historic Village of Churchtown | Origins of the RIMMER Surname | One Name Research | Beginning Your Family History Lancashire, UK rimmer@one-name.org
Peter Bailey British India. Over the 350 years of British ‘Adventuring’ in India, it is estimated that over 3 million persons of British & Irish origin lived and worked there. Their records are very good and largely centralized in London. Among the aspects that Peter lectures about are: “Researching the General Records of British India,” “The British Indian Civil Service”, “Researching the Armies of British India” and the “Maritime Records of The East India Company” Surrey, UK peter.bailey@one-name.org
Dianne Bartlam

One name studies or researching military doctors and nurses

Hampshire, UK dianne.bartlam@one-name.org
Gary Barton The Barton-Vick One-Name Study AZ, USA barton@one-name.org
Jim Benedict The Benedict One-Name Study Alberta, CA benedict@one-name.org
Chris Braund A One-Name Study: The Braunds of Bucks Devon, UK braund@one-name.org
Marie Byatt British records and how they have changed over the last 1000 years IN, USA pepler@one-name.org
Else Churchill London ancestry and records | Surname Origins London, UK halstead@one-name.org
John Coldwell One-Name Studies | The Guild of One-Name Studies Yorkshire, UK coldwell@one-name.org
Jan Cooper Family History |The Guild of One-Name Studies Surrey, UK greathead@one-name.org
David Cufley Brickmaking: People & Industry | Trade sources | Ratcatching | Calico printing: The Migration Triangle around London | Drawing Charts & Trees by hand as a research tool Kent, UK cufley@one-name.org
Bob Cumberbatch Barbados & Caribbean Research Sources & Records | Slave Ancestry & Slavery | Caribbean Surname Origins | Using FreeBMD, FamilySearch, Ancestry or FindMyPast | Using The Next generation (TNG) to share your research Kent, UK cumberbatch@one-name.org
Jackie Depelle Family Historian – dedicated British genealogy recording software | Ideas for researching Non-Conformist ancestors | “Remnants of a lost life” A brief encounter with life and World War | The 1911 and other census | Views of the Fulneck Moravian Settlement, Pudsey, nr Leeds | “Our house and its contents” If only stones could talk | “The Tutor’s story” Family History – A whole new world | “Chasing Million Eyres” From Leeds to Siberia, Wool to Wealth | 19th Century Boom and Bust – Exploring businesses and family fortunes | “Discover your Family History” – Find out how. It’s easy in theory! | Wander the Web – Fun for Family History | Reading old documents – Hints and Tips | Yorkshire Genealogy on the Internet | Picture this – grow your family tree in a scrapbook | Wander the web – fun for Family History | The Life and Times of a Great Grand Uncle – told through source material | “In a dream world” Organising Family Research Yorkshire UK jacqueline.depelle@one-name.org
Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard Dorset sources | Gettting back to 1837 | Pre 1837 Records | Family history research Dorset, UK chutter@one-name.org
Janet Few Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors | The Domestic Life of our 17th Century Ancestors | From Darlington to Wellington: the sad tale of Isabella Fry | Putting Your Ancestors in their Place: sources for reconstructing C19th communities | How we used to live - 1851 | Who Lived in Cottages Like These?: tracing the history and previous occupants of your home | Harnessing the Facebook Generation | Fun with Family History | From the Herb Garden of Mistress Agnes | Cauldrons, Comfits, Coffins and Caudle: 17th Century Food and Drink | Are you Sitting Comfortably?: writing up your family history | Uproar and Disorder: the impact of non-conformity on parishes in North Devon | Farm, Fish, Family or Faith: reasons for C19th migration from North Devon | How our Ancestors would have Died: a look at the history of medicine 1348-1948 | 20th Century Family History | Ducking Stools, Dissenters, Debtors and Drunks: crime and punishment in the 17th century | The Burning Time: witchcraft in the 17th century | Besoms, Battledores, Bedsteads and Bum Rolls: the role of women in the 17th Century | Tulips, Topiary, Tradescanth and Thyme: 17th Century Gardens | Family History - The Next Generation (workshops for 7-16 year olds) | The Guild of One-Name Studies | Sense and the Census | Found under a Gooseberry Bush: finding missing births or baptisms | 3D Family History - how to enhance your family history with artefacts Devon, UK sweetingham@one-name.org
John Frearson Family, military and local history: History of the Lime and Cement | Industry of North Warwickshire | Rugby Cement History | The Speight family of Photographers of Rugby | The Green Room Plaque | Ashton Family of Lubenham and Sandy | A History of Morris Dancing and Rugby Morris Men | The Frearson Family of Ockbrook Warwicks, UK frearson@one-name.org
Kirsty Gray One-Name Studies | The Guild of One-Name Studies | Tracing your West Country Ancestors Wiltshire, UK sillifant@one-name.org
Peter Hagger One Name Studies | Sources for One-Name Studies and the Hagger One Name Study Hunts, UK hagger@one-name.org
John Hanson Census | Family history software applications including Family Historian Bucks, UK fosker@one-name.org
Laurence Harris Jewish Ancestry | Social Networking and Genealogy Middx, UK chapkofsky@one-name.org
Linda Hauley The Vodden one-name study Ontario, CA vodden@one-name.org
Celia Heritage Tracing Your Ancestors Through Death Records | Parish Chest Records | The GRO Index. Just How Accurate Is It? | Good Research Techniques | The Workhouse And Its Records | Exploring Your Ancestors' Parish Church | Maps For Family History | How Far Did Your Ancestor Travel? (Pre-19th century migration within UK) | 19th Century Migration Within Britain | I'm Stuck.  How to solve some common pitfalls in your family history research | Pre-1837 Sources For Family History | Using Parish Registers | School Records | Wills and Probate Records | A Background To 19th Century Education | Do You Know Who You Are Yet? - A talk on what makes genealogy such a popular pastime and why its popularity has rocketed in the last few years. | Using Newspapers for Family history. | An Introduction to Family History |Workshops - workshops can be devised based on many of my regular talks Kent, UK celia.heritage@one-name.org
Tony Holland One-Name Studies Hants, UK holland@one-name.org
Paul Howes One-Name Studies | British genealogy (to a US audience) | Large One-Name Studies | Using PCs & Web Resources in family history NJ, USA & Norfolk, UK howes@one-name.org
Dominic Johnson Reading the Writing of the Past - Palaeography | Nottinghamshire Family History Notts, UK gunnis@one-name.org
Debbie Kennett DNA and using genetic ancestry in your family history research | Social Media | Surname origins Berks, UK cruwys@one-name.org
Lorna Kinnaird

Muat One Name Study | Bits and Bobs within Scottish Records | Scottish Gems of Scottish Records | Guild of One Name Studies | Heritable Possession in Land Records | Starting & Maintaining a One Name Study | The Haddington Muat Shoemakers – a numerous race! | Maps of Scotland Old and New – how to use them for family history | What’s on Your Doorstep? – Looking at local Scottish resources | Beginner Family History Workshops (you provide the venue, I provide the information)

Edinburgh, Scotland lorna.kinnaird@one-name.org
Jennifer Kirkby Social History | Family history & how it is done | History of the Inskips: how a family from one founder has been woven into the fabric of British history Yorkshire, UK jennifer.kirkby@one-name.org
Glenys Marriott Researching Master Mariners: the Cumpstons of Hull | Merchant Marine | Researching a Single Name - the Guild of One Name Studies | One-name Studies | George Cumpston - Paper Maker of Ambleside | Manorial Records | Occupations - Professions - Industry | North Riding Naval Recruits |Military | Those Who Left the Dales | Migration - Mobility - Demography | Dade Parish Registers: an exceptional source Local & Regional | Parish Registers Yorkshire, UK cumpston@one-name.org
Howard Mathieson English Surnames: Origin, Distribution, and Change | Occupational Surnames | Place Names and Surnames | The Ancient Woodland and English Surnames | Tracing Your Medieval Ancestors | Starting and Maintaining a One-Name Study | The Lost Villages of England | From the Border Lands to the Backwoods | Finding your English Cloth Worker Ancestors Manitoba, CA dangerfield@one-name.org
Caroline Norton Census Cambs, UK education@one-name.org
Derek Palgrave Tackling your family history - An introduction | Family Archives and Ephemera - Useful personal documents | Mapping | Family History on the Web | English Parish and Estate Records | Keeping Your Research Records | Fieldwork in Family History - The importance of visiting ancestral sites | Your Family Archaeology - Ancestral sites, heirlooms and other artefacts | Memorials, Monuments and Gravestones | The Skills & Crafts of Our Ancestors | Passing on the Findings of Research | Family & Social History in Financial Records | Evidence of named ancestors & their circumstances | The Origin and Development of Surnames | The Guild of One-Name Studies | One-Name Studies | Variant Spellings of Surnames | Heraldry | Liveries & Badges: Useful Evidence | Cambridge and its Colleges - Illustrated history of the University and its buildings | Glimpses of Heaven - Church Art & Architecture | Chemicals & Chemistry Through the Ages Suffolk, UK palgrave@one-name.org
Chris Pomery DNA and using genetic ancestry in your family history research Yorks, UK pomeroy@one-name.org
Karen Rogers One Name Studies | The Guild of One-Name Studies NSW, Aus liddiard@one-name.org
Sarah Seaton Local & Regional History | Family History | Poor Law | Common Lodging Houses Notts, UK sarah.seaton@one-name.org
Helen Smith One-Name Studies | The Guild of One-Name Studies | Australian research, English research, medical research Queensland, Australia quested@one-name.org
Ann Spiro Introduction to and Benefits of Joining The Guild One-Name Studies | The Guild of One-Name Studies East Perth, Western Australia baskett@one-name.org
Stephen St.Clair DNA | One-Name Studies NJ, USA stephen.stclair@one-name.org
Gillian Stevens Wiltshire Wills | Berkshire Beneficiaries | Oxfordshire Obituaries Berks, UK blofeld@one-name.org
Peter Turvey Heir Hunters Suffolk, UK peter.turvey@one-name.org
Peter Walker One-Name Studies | Sources for One-Name Studies Herts, UK hollyer@one-name.org
Darris Williams FamilySearch Utah, USA coult@one-name.org
Bob Young The Ranger One-Name Study CT, USA ranger@one-name.org

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