Newsflash 43

We often sit at Committee meetings with extremely long agendas and some members have expressed amazement recently at just how much the Guild and its volunteers are achieving in the field of one-name studies at the moment. This is largely due to the dedication of over 100 volunteers.

This Newsflash comes with a request for more volunteers in certain areas of our organisation and also some information items for you all.

Below, you will find details of the following:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Guild Awards
  3. Volunteering
  4. Family Search link
  5. Conference 2012 'Seven Pillars of a one-name study'
  6. Change of Guild email provider

I hope that you are all well and look forward to seeing many of you at the Conference and AGM weekend in 2012.

Kirsty Gray
Guild Chairman


Members are reminded that all subscriptions for the current year (1 Nov 2011 to 31 Oct 2012) should now be paid. Any member still to pay their subscription should do so very soon. This will help our Renewals Secretary who will begin in December to contact members whose subscriptions are still outstanding.

Members who are considering Life membership or Discounted membership (see last Journal, page 6) but have already paid this year's subscription may like to consider this offer. Provided the Guild receives payment before 31 July 2012, members may take out Life membership or 5 or 10-year membership and offset this year's subscription payment against the cost of the Term membership. Any Term membership application received after 31st July will be for the period beginning on 1 Nov 2012.

Guild Awards

Master Craftsman of the Guild (MCG)

Two years ago, the Guild Fellowship scheme was announced, set up in order to recognise those Guild members considered especially worthy of honour, either because of their level of expertise in genealogy and one-name studies, or for their contribution to the running of the Guild - or both. Twelve individuals were honoured in this way at the AGM at the Oxford Belfry in 2010 and a further three in Warrington in 2011. The citations for their nominations are available in the Members Room - Nominations for 2012 should be sent to the Guild Secretary, Jan Cooper (, by 20th January 2012 including a paragraph detailing the reason for the nomination. There will be a panel of four current MCGs along with Karen Bailey and Ken Mycock, Data Manager, who will discuss all nominations and the 2012 awards will be presented at the AGM in April.

Guild Award of Excellence (GAoE)

This year the Guild is instituting a new "Guild Award of Excellence", to recognise achievements in members' ONS publication. It will be run on similar lines to the existing "Master Craftsman of the Guild" programme, with the recipients of awards selected by a panel consisting of previous winners and headed up by Alan Wellbelove (member 4884) who originally proposed and developed the idea. For this first year, retrospective awards are to go to winners of the great Guild Publications Competition of 2009 and the two essay competitions run in 2010 and 2011. Full details will be published in the January Journal and on the website at


Seminar Subcommittee
In light of impending retirements, the Seminar Subcommittee are looking for new members to join the team that organises quarterly seminars in various parts of the UK covering a wide range of one-name subjects. If you feel that you are able to support Guild activities in this way, please email

Transcription of Post 2005 GRO indexes
We are looking for volunteers who visit any of the repositories below who can spare some time to transcribe members' ONS entries in the post-2005 GRO Indexes: Birmingham Central Library, Bridgend Reference and Information Library, The British Library, City of Westminster Archives Centre, Greater Manchester County Record Office and Plymouth Central Library.

A complete set of GRO Indexes up to June 2011 are available to view in microfiche format. Any assistance will be welcome whether it is a one off visit or as a regular visitor.

If you are able to help, please contact Marilyn Johnson on

Committee nominations for 2012
Nominations are invited from all members of the Guild for election to the Guild Committee. You will find nomination forms in the January journal mailing or you can use the email nomination procedure - see The closing date for nominations to be received by Jan Cooper, Guild Secretary, is Wednesday 8th February 2012.

Family Search link

Some members have been in touch saying that they cannot seem to 'see' the link between Family Search and the Guild registered names. A few steps should resolve any issues and members should check that they have:

  1. The SharingTime plugin installed and have a SharingTime account
  2. A New FamilySearch account

If the answer to both 1 and 2 is Yes, then you should be able to see the results by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the New FamilySearch login page. You should see the SharingTime login button. Enter your username and password and click the SharingTime button
  2. Navigate to the "Me and My Ancestors" tab of New FamilySearch. You should see blue SharingTime icons next to each ancestor's name. Click the blue icon next to the ancestor you want to research.
  3. If the ancestor's last name exists in the database of names the Guild has provided to Family Search, the text "Study Exists" should appear next to the link to The Guild of One Name Studies.

If you are unable to follow these steps, or if they don't work for you, please send me the details ( as well as your browser version and what operating system you are using so I can resolve these with the Family Search technical team.

2012 AGM and Conference: Seven Pillars of a one-name study

The 2012 AGM and Conference is taking place at Five Lakes Hotel, Golf, Country Club and Spa, Colchester Road, Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon CM9 8HX from Friday 13th - Sunday 15th April 2012, with the AGM on Saturday at 9am. Booking forms are available on the website - don't leave it too late!

Change of Guild Email Provider

In early October, we successfully migrated our email system to a new ISP, following concerns about the facilities and support offered by our previous provider. Although a relatively small number of emails addressed to Guild aliases are still being handled by the old ISP, they are mainly spam. The vast majority of our emails are being routed through the new provider.

Whilst all aliases and post holder aliases were successfully switched, there was one facility which it wasn't possible to switch at the time. Some years ago, our old ISP allowed the then Data Manager to specify particular members' aliases to be set to bypass all spam filtering and they set this up on our behalf for a number of members who requested it, including our current DM, Ken Mycock. Unfortunately, we don't have access to the ISP's list of which aliases were set in this way, so were unable to replicate it at the new ISP.

The new ISP now allows us to specify aliases to be treated in this way individually, so if any of you would like your mail to be delivered with no spam filtering, please send an email to It may be worth noting, however, that Ken believes that the new spam filtering is so much more effective, with far fewer "false positives", that he has chosen not to reinstate the filtering bypass for his own aliases.

Inevitably, the new filtering will recognise some emails as spam, although they are messages you have chosen to have delivered (in particular, commercial marketing and newsletters etc may be being incorrectly treated as spam). If you believe you are no longer receiving regular messages to your Guild alias, please let Ken know the originating email address (again by emailing, so he can set up the whitelist for those senders.

Kirsty Gray


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