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About the Tither One-Name Study

Welcome to the web page for the Tither name Research Study.

The study is examining the origins of the name, the evolution of Tither families and the local and national history associated with these families.


Significant variants of the Tither name have been identified as, Tyther, Tidder, Tider and Tyder.

Other surnames are also of interest in the study including, Tudor, Calwallader, Foulks, Rees and Griffit.

Origin of the surname

The Tither name has ancient origins and is rare compared to many other surnames.

Research findings show that the name originated in Wales.

Distribution of the name

The population distribution of the name has varied with time. According to the 1881 Census, there were 148 Tithers in England.

Migration from the United Kingdom and Ireland, by members of Tither families is recorded in several countries, including the United States and New Zealand.


A free reseach summary is available which contains an overview of the data which has been assembled covering the Tither name.


I would be very pleased to make contact with anybody interested in the Tither name or the other surnames which form part of the study.

Please email the Guild email address or my email address at---> thetithername@hotmail.co.uk---> for a free copy of the research summary.

Thank you for looking.

Denis Tither.

This page last updated 13 January 2012.