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About the Tillin One-Name Study

After researching the family for the nearly 10 years I started to gather information about all TILLINs I found in the census as there seemed to be a few in the same area. I am still trying to find a connection between them. This one name study is in it's infancy.


Although the main focus of this study is the TILLIN surname I believe that this has been recorded as TILLING and TILLEN over the years and have registered both of these names as variants of the study.

I have found some people with births registered as TILLING and deaths registered as TILLIN so in some cases it would appear that the names are almost interchangeable.

Frequency of the name

According to an ONS database there were 138 TILLINs in England, Wales and the Isle of Man in September 2002 making it the 26999th most common name. There were 80 TILLENS (ranked 38094th) and 1402 TILLINGs (ranked 5016).

In the 1881 Census for England there were 37 TILLINs, 22 TILLENs and 726 TILLINGs (as found on Ancestry.co.uk April 2013).

Distribution of the name

So far, it would seem that the TILLINs originated in the Berkshire area.


As of April 2013, I have collected all the references in English Censuses on Ancestry.co.uk for TILL?N and TILLING and all the references for TILL?N and TILLING from the Birth, Marriage and Death registrations of England and Wales.

I am now working on grouping as many references as possible into family groups and hoping to collect data further back than civil registration.


I have a blog which references my one name study and my personal family history- http://fullcirclefamilyhistory.blogspot.co.uk/

Contact details

For further information, contact:

Mrs Joanne Tillin

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