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About the Steers One-Name Study

The journey into the origin of the STEERS surname began in 2012. I'm currently in the process of collating basic data and will update this page as I go. For on-the-go updates please do visit my blog (the address is below).

Please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to assist you. I will respond to all enquires, whether I can help or not.


The following variants have been added to The Study


The deviants of the name are as follows:


and I am sure there will be more found along the way.

Origin of the surname

It must be mentioned that in all the dictionaries STEERS is not given its own entry, instead it sits alongside STEER. The only source that mentions STEERS independently is the Surname Database (Source 5), however this links back to STEER.

The addition of the S to the end of STEER would suggest that the first STEERS was the ‘son of a STEER’ but until this is evidenced I won’t be presuming!

As for the name STEER all agree that it has its origins in the Old English, and comes from the word Stēor “a steers / young ox”. Reaney (Sources: 1,2,3) tells us that STEER is also Nickname Surname and would have been given to person’s whose characterises resemble that of a steer, as for Robert LE STEER who was mentioned in the Subsidy Rolls of the County of Sussex, in the year 1296.

The variations of the name from these sources are given as


The Surname Database (Source 5) also mentions the following variations; STEAMAN, STERMAN, STEERSON but it does not provided source citations for these. Until I find more reliable citations for these three names I’ll not be following them up.


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Frequency of the name

In order to capture the size of my ONS I have taken the average number of 'hits' from the main genealogy sites (Family Search, FMP and Ancestry). I have not yet checked all the 'hits' for accuracy as this study is in its infancy; however I believe that by doing it this way I will have a relatively accurate overview of my task ahead.

Distribution of the name

Initial research suggests that there are three areas of STEERS / STEARS. Generally STEARS appears to be the northern spelling, centring on the Riding's of Yorkshire. There is also a cluster of STEARS in Lancashire (around Liverpool) and it may be that these are a branch of the Yorkshire STEARS.

The other two groupings are in Middlesex, and the Surrey / Kent regions. The dominant spelling appears to be STEERS, but there is a small cluster of STEARES that are focused on Portsea, Hampshire.


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DNA project

2014 sees the introduction of the STEERS DNA project. If you would like to participate please do get in touch. Further information can be found via the link below.


The Blog

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Contact details

For further information, contact:

Mrs Carole Steers

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