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About the Pincombe One-Name Study

The Pincombe family, according to the 1620 Visitation, arrived at North Molton with Lord de la Zouch following the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1483. They had, unfortunately for them, sided with Richard III who lost the battle to the now King Henry VII. Prior to their moving to North Molton, I believe that they were at Pencombe Manor in Herefordshire. They have lived in Devon from the 1480s to the present and until the mid 1800s 90% of Pincombe surnames could be found in Devon. The first Pincombe appears to be Thomas Pencombe and he had two son Thomas and John. I suspect that this is a singleton surname with all descendants related back to the common ancestor Thomas Pencombe whose name was spelled Pincomb in the next generation or Pyncomb.


Pincombe, Pencombe, Pyncombe, Pyncomb, Pincomb, Pinkham

Origin of the surname

This would appear to be a location name with pin reflecting a growth of pine trees perhaps and Comb being a valley (a pine valley).

Frequency of the name

Statistics about this name Frequency 1881 1998 Change

Frequency 146 208 +62

Rank Order 15250 16413 -1163

Occurrences per million names 5 6 +1

Distribution of the name

International Comparisons International Comparisons Rate As % of GB rate in 1998

Great Britain Frequency (1998) 295 100

Great Britain Frequency (1881) 146

Great Britain Rate (1998) 6

Great Britain Rate (1881) 5

Northern Ireland 0.00 0.0

Republic of Ireland 0.00 0.0

Australia 0.00 0.0

New Zealand 0.00 0.0

United States 1.37 18.7

Canada 14.74 201.1


The 1641-42 Protestation Returns for Bishops Nympton list John Pincombe sen, John Pincombe jun, William Pincombe sen and William Pincombe jun. I found this to be most interesting. William Pincombe sen and William Pincombe jun are father and son. However, John Pincombe sen is the son of Richard Pincombe and his second wife Francis Gill and John Pincombe jun is the son of William Pincombe sen who was a son of Richard Pincombe and his first wife Anne (last name unknown at the moment). Since they were uncle and nephew perhaps it was simply an easy way to identify them in documents.

DNA project

I have also found DNA results on line for my PINCOMBE family (descendant of the brother of my 3x great grandfather Robert PINCOMBE (YSEARCH - XSEN6) and he would be my fifth cousin I believe). I have set up a DNA Pincombe Surname Study at FT DNA and all PINCOMBE/PINKHAM/PYNCOMBE etc. (and please let me know of other spellings) are welcomed to join the list. Details can be found at the http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Pincombe%2DPinkham/ - Pincombe Surname Study. In the top right hand corner of the navigation area there is a clickable 'Request to Join this Group' and if you have already had your DNA tested you can join the group directly or you can follow the link to more details on the project and decide whether you want to be tested (the surname study provides a discount from the regular price at FT DNA for a 12 marker study).

Contact details

For further information, contact:

Mrs Elizabeth Kipp

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