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About the Featherstone One-Name Study

A worldwide study of the surname and variants, which comes together in a One Named Society with members from, England, Canada, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Featherston, Fetherstone, Fetherston, Fetherstonhaugh, Fetherstonehalgh,Featherstonehaugh, Featherstonehalgh, Featherson, Feverstone, Featherstun,Fatherson are just some of the variants I have found.

Origin of the surname

A DNA project was started in 2004 to try and give some insight into the origins of the name, we started on the �presumption that the name may have come from the Castle, first results indicate that this may not be true, but more results are needed to draw any conclusions at this stage of the project.

Historical occurrences

Helias Federstonhaugh owned the Castle Featherstone around 1215 near Haltwhistle in Northumberland. New research proves the link between Featherstone in West Yorkshire and Featherstone in Northumberland. With West Yorkshire being the source of the name in England.

Distribution of the name

The name can be found in greater numbers in the English counties of Durham, North & East Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Devon- Back to when Parish records began. The first known Featherstone in the U.S.A. was around 1612, although he was known to have died during the expedition, many have followed. There are many in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Ireland is thought to have the name via a settlement after the English civil war.


To date I have collected Births Deaths and Marriages from the beginning of Civil registration up to 1960, Many family tree's from around the world, and lots of census material, this collection keeps growing.

First World War records and parish records are being developed.

DNA project

From a very small sample so far it would appear our names are location based.


http://www.featherstone-society.com for details of our Society.

http://www.featherstonesociety.com for static records with links accumulated on our web site also http://www.featherstone.org for a more searchable format of our database of 59,000 plus names.

http://www.familytreedna.com/public/featherstone/default.aspx?/publicwebsite.aspx for details of our DNA project

http://www.featherstonesociety.myheritage.com You may need to request membership to view

http://www.feathgen.wordpress.com a blog of interesting research

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Featherstone.Society/ A closed group you have to request membership.

http://featherstonesociety.tribalpages.com Another database format of our records.

Contact details

For further information, contact:

Mr William P Featherstone
14 Heddon Grove,
Ingelby Barwick,
Stockton on Tees,
TS17 0FT

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