Printed Sources Guild Seminar
Booking is now open for the next Guild Seminar: "Printed Sources". This is being held at the Temple Centre, Nottingham, UK on 17th May 2014. Further information and bookings can be found on the page for the Seminar. (21st February 2014)

Guild Printed Sources Seminar

World War 1 Centenary website
The Guild website for the commemoration of the 100th aniversary of the start of World War 1 is now live. On this website are members stories about the life and service of their ancestors during World War 1. The website is available at: WW1 Website. (11th January 2014)


Guild Inscriptions Index
A new Guild index is now available within the Members area of the website - the "Inscriptions" or "Boards and Memorials" index. The idea is to make use of the vast number of surnames lists that we as members of the Guild come across in many different places (and usually can't resist scanning for our name), such as "honours boards" in schools or colleges or clubs, or as memorials within workplaces to those employees who fell in the two World Wars, or as club or society trophies engraved with a list of winners. They contain lists of people's names which aren't indexed anywhere else, but which could be extremely useful in a one-name study.

Guild members can find out more in the Members Room. (20th May 2013)

Y-chromosome DNA test kit offer
The Guild is offering for sale to members a Y-DNA 37-marker test kit from Family Tree DNA, at a specially negotiated price of £80.00 each including postage and handling. This compares with the Family Tree DNA retail price of US$169.00 plus US$4.00-6.00 for postage and handling, or the project pricing of US$149.00 plus US$4.00-6.00 postage and handling. Guild members can find out more in the Members Room. (13th February 2013)

DNA test kit offer

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