The Guild provides an important link between members and the Committee through a system of Regional Representatives (RRs). Within the UK, there are representatives covering Scotland, Wales, and most of the English counties. The Guild also has Regional Representatives in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA.

A Regional Representative is responsible for promoting the Guild within his or her area, for organising events, where appropriate, for local members, and for acting as an essential link between them and the Committee. The RRs may also provide advice to Guild members whose registered names focus in their region.

A list of current Regional Representatives is published in the Members Room on this website, and on the inside back cover of some of the Guild Journals.

Some Regional Representatives issue newsletters and hold local meetings, details of which can be found on the Gerald Cooke, RR Coordinator individual RRs pages. These pages also provide each RR with up-to-date details of all the Guild members in their region, and whether each member is contributing to the Guild Archives, the Guild Marriage Index, or has produced a Profile page.

The Regional Representative Coordinator, Gerald Cooke, is responsible for the management of the Guild's RRs system and for ensuring effective communication between the RRs.

If you are a Guild member, and you are interested in becoming a RR for one of the vacant posts, please contact the .

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