All members who have registered a surname have committed to respond to all enquiries made to them via email or reply-paid letters. It is important that members with registered names take this obligation seriously, as any failure to respond reflects badly on the Guild as a whole, and may even impact on our charitable status, which requires us to provide benefits to the wider public.

Complaints of non-response

An enquirer who receives no reply from a member will often complain to the . In such circumstances it is the Registrar's duty to try to contact the member to find out the reason for non-reply. There are many possible reasons for such failure to respond to an enquiry. It may be that the enquiry was never received by the member, or the member may have been inordinately busy, or seriously ill, or the enquiry may have been mislaid, or a reply sent to the enquirer may have gone astray.

On receipt of a complaint of non-reply, the Registrar will try to contact the member using both email and letter, and then finally by a registered delivery letter. Failure to elicit any response to repeated requests implies that the member is unable to fulfil his obligations to the Guild, and the Guild Committee would then be asked to consider de-registration of the member's study.

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