It is the Registrar's responsibility to ensure the validity and viability of surname registration applications. The Registrar may decline an application for registration if, after consulting with others as appropriate, it is deemed to be unsuitable. When examining registration applications, the Registrar considers whether:

  • The likely size of the study is within the resources of the applicant;

  • Variants proposed for the study are reasonable and derived from the main study name;

  • The study and/or its variants do not overlap with an existing study.

If the Registrar has any concerns about the registration application, the applicant will be consulted and changes suggested, for example to the names or variants proposed.

For registration,

Registered names are allocated to categories based on the extent of data collection and other criteria. (These categories are described under "Registering a ONS" in the "one-name study" part of this website.) The Guild relies on you to choose the appropriate category for each new surname you register, with reference to the depth of study achieved at the time of registration. You are welcome to seek the advice of the Registrar if in doubt.

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