The objectives of the Guild include advancing the education of the public in one-name studies, and we have over 2,600 members studying over 8,300 registered names and variants. Some of them are very experienced and knowledgeable about family history research and one-name studies; most are extremely enthusiastic and keen to help other people extend their knowledge and further their research. It is therefore very likely that one of our members may be able to help you.

As a family historian:

If you have a surname in your family that is being studied by a Guild member, then he or she may well be able to provide you with valuable information and insights about the name and perhaps your own connection with it. You can find out which surnames are being studied from our online Register, where contact details are listed for almost 8,300 (and rising) surnames and variants being researched by Guild Members.

As a potential Member of the Guild:

Perhaps no-one is researching the surname you are interested in? Are you passionately interested in that surname? Are you committed enough to consider registering the surname yourself as a Guild registered one-name study? Perhaps you would like to see what is involved in starting a one-name study.

Not that committed at the moment?

The Guild also welcomes applications from the broader family history community, including those undertaking DNA surname projects, family historians researching a family name on a restricted basis, local historians, librarians, archivists, and those from academia, all of whom may benefit from the learning opportunities. In other words, membership is open to anyone with an interest in one-name studies. Undertaking a one-name study is not a pre-requisite for joining, nor a requirement of membership.

Our Constitution excludes organisations from joining the Guild, so we therefore encourage organisations (such as one-name societies) to nominate one or more individuals to represent them. Such members have the same rights and responsibilities as any other Guild member.

For organisations or individuals who are unable to join, we also offer the ability to subscribe to the Journal and Register. Such subscriptions currently cost the same as membership but do not attract any membership benefits such as an entry in the Register of One-Name Studies.

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