Following various competitions encouraging Guild members to publish accounts of their one-name studies, it was decided to institute an annual Guild Award of Excellence, to be awarded to members who in the judges' estimation have achieved excellence in ONS publication.

The Guild Award of Excellence (GAoE) is intended to complement the Master Craftsman of the Guild (MCG) scheme, in acknowledging members' contributions to ONS publication. There is no competitive element to the award; all entries considered to meet the required standard are recognised. As with the Master Craftsman scheme, recipients of the award are selected by a panel made up of existing award holders. However, unlike that scheme there is no limit on the number of awards made.

Publications in most media are eligible. This includes books, articles, newsletters, peridocals, in either printed form or as electronic (e.g. PDF) documents, websites and blogs.

The Guild Award of Excellence was first awarded in 2012. For this first year, it was agreed that it should be awarded retrospectively to the previous winners of Guild Publications competitions, including the "highly commended" entrants to the 2009 competition. In addition, all articles written by students of Pharos' Advanced One-Name Studies Course which were awarded Distinction were awarded, as well as a number which were awarded by the panel.

Here is a list of those whom have been awarded the Guild Award of Excellence, with links where possible to the winning entry. Please note that some of the Journal articles are from within the last year, and therefore these are only accessable by Guild Members; for information on how to join, click here.

2013 Winners

Kim Baldacchino article MindMaps for One-Namers 2013
Jim Benedict article A Dark and Stormy Night 2013
Jim Benedict article The Digital Road Warrior 2013
Don Bidgood article BLOG in the Clouds 2013
Bob Cumberbatch article Buried in Lincolnshire and 4,000 miles from home 2013
Michael Hardcastle book The Roots of the Hardcastles An Old Yorkshire Family2013
R A Hilbourne article Where Did my Surname Come From? 2013
Ray Hulley article John Hulley, British Olympic Instigator 2013
Howard Mathieson article The Boxall surname: An exercise in landscape evidence 2013
Michael Mitchelmore article Mitchelmore in the Middle: A Study of M* Surmids 2013
Dr John Plant article The Plant Controversy 2013
Mike Spathaky website Modern British Surnames2013
Lisa Watson article WANMER Conducting a small one-name study2013

Previous Winners

Wendy Angove book The Jigsaw Puzzle Tree (2009) 2012
Peter Badham book Badham Delvings (2009) 2012
Kim Baldacchino article Out of Devon: The Eastlake surname comes of age2012
Jack Blencowe book The Blencowe Families (2009) 2012
Janet Few & Chris Braund video The Braunds of Bucks Mills (2009) 2012
Penelope Burton article Some Speculations on the Origin of the Quested Surname2012
Marion Filby periodical The Filby Association Chronicle2012
Mark Filby website The Filby Association2012
Nathan Goodwin periodical The Dengate Journal (2009) 2012
Ken Grubb periodical Grubbing Around (2009) 2012
Paul Howes article Howes That?2012
Paul Howes website Howes Families2012
Maureen Kenchington essay Synthesis in the Waycott One-Name Study (2010) 2012
Sue Mastel article Adamthwaite - Adam's clearing in the Eden Valley2012
Sue Mastel website The Adamthwaite Archive (2009)2012
Susan Meates article How a DNA Project produced discoveries (2009) 2012
Ena Metcalfe book Metcalfe: History of the Clan (2009) 2012
Ken Mycock article A Peak District Family - But, how many variants do I need?2012
Teresa and Stuart Pask weblog The Pask, Paske ONS Blog (2009)2012
Teresa and Stuart Pask book Pasks of Lincolnshire, Volume I, Great Gonerby (2009) 2012
Chris Sackett website The Sackett Family Association2012
Alan Savin booklet The Savin Sagas (2009) 2012
Doug Shaw article Hembrough: A Locative Surname and its Places2012
Betty Choyce Sheehan book The Choice/Choyce Compendium (2009) 2012
Caroline Smith article Blindell: The Jigsaw of a Surname2012
Glenda Thornton book Dead Relatives: The Rise and Fall of the Phillibrowns (2009)2012
Colin Ulph book Ulph Family History (2009) 2012
Colin Ulph essay How I run the Ulph one-name study (2011) 2012
John Rennison Vayroarticle Thomas Vayro, a volunteer miner who served in the Durham Light Infantry2012

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