The Guild holds certain information about its members in its database and paper records. This data comes from, or relates to:

  • response and application forms, correspondence, or other dealings with us
  • purchase of merchandise, books, CD-ROMs, etc.
  • general information that is in the public domain

We use this information for administration, registration of one-name studies (including publication in the Register of One-Name Studies and on the Guild Website), and marketing of Guild services only. It is also used to keep members informed about the work of the Guild, as well as the different ways in which members can help, attend organised events, purchase goods, and provide financial support. Any members who would prefer not to be contacted about any or all of these matters can opt out of receiving this information from us. Members who order goods or services from a third party through the Guild implicitly give permission for their contact details to be passed to that third party.

Members have a right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on them, for which we charge a small fee (£10.00) to cover administrative costs and to ensure that maximum resources of the Guild go to genealogical activities. Any inaccuracies reported to us will be corrected.

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