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The Guild membership subscription year runs from 1st November to the following 31st October. Renewal subscriptions are payable annually on 1st November.

For new members joining the Guild, there is a sliding scale of subscription depending on the month of joining, which offers up to twenty-three months of membership for a single joining fee. Members joining during December and January have the option of paying either up to the next 1st November (ten or eleven months' membership) or until 1st November of the following year (22 or 23 months' membership). Click on the appropriate currency flag above to see the sliding scale for your locale.

Month joinedMembershipPrice
December 23 months $56.00
January 22 months $54.00
February 21 months $52.00
March 20 months $50.00
April 19 months $47.00
May 18 months $44.00
June 17 months $42.00
July 16 months $39.00
August 15 months $36.00
September 14 months $33.00
October 13 months $30.00
Nov - Jan 10-12 months $30.00

When using the online Membership Application Form on this website to apply for membership, the appropriate prices from this table will be automatically applied depending on the current month. Payment is accepted via PayPal, and new members can choose to pay in any one of the six currencies shown above.

If you prefer to join by post, you can download the Membership Application Form (Canada version) here. Forms in other currencies may be accessed by clicking the appropriate currency flag above.

New members

New members will receive a Welcome Pack containing the latest Journal, and will continue to receive Journals as they are published each quarter during their membership. In addition, in their first year they will receive a copy of the annual printed Register when it is published in July.

In subsequent years they will not automatically receive a copy of the Register, unless they explicitly opt to do so. In this case, their renewal subscription, normally set at $28.00 per year, will be set at the higher rate of $30.00 to contribute towards the cost of the Register.

The full Register is available to members as a freely downloadable PDF file from the members' area of the website, which also has an online Register search facility.

Renewal subscriptions

Renewal subscriptions are due on 1st November each year. A renewal form is sent out with the October Journal, and payment should be sent to the Renewals Secretary, . An online facility for subscription renewals by PayPal is available in the Guild's Members Room; alternatively, payment may be made by cheque (sterling only) or by credit or debit card. If paying by credit or debit card, you may find it most convenient to set up a Repeat Transaction Authority to pay your subscription at the right time each year. Forms are available for this in the Members Room.

Registration fee

The fee payable on registering a surname, currently $24.00, is a one-off payment at the time of registration, and does not have to be renewed annually.

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