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FindMyPast is one of the foremost online providers of genealogical data, and it issues pre-payment vouchers for its website. These pre-payment vouchers are a great way to get started, and just the thing if you want to dip into the records now and then - and there are millions and millions of records to choose from! Alternatively you might prefer to purchase a subscription to all these records, valid either for 90 days or for a whole year.

This form will allow you to order the vouchers you want, and to pay for them in whatever way suits you best. If you have a credit card, you can order online using the secure PayPal processing (even if you do not have a PayPal account). Alternatively, once you have filled in the form you can print it out and send it to us with your cheque, by post.

Please see our Terms and Conditions when ordering via this website. Guild member? Click here.

Please note: Ancestry have withdrawn their voucher scheme and we regret that we are no longer able to supply them.


FindMyPast / 1911Census Voucher:
40 credits

£5.00 £
These vouchers are valid on both FindMyPast and the official 1911 Census website. A voucher is worth 40 credits, valid for 90 days from the date of your first usage. A page from the FindMyPast GRO Indexes costs 1 credit, and a page from any of the 1841-1901 censuses costs 3 credits. The credits can also be used on the 1911 Census website, where a transcript of a household costs 10 credits, and an image of the household return is 30 credits.

"Full" 3-month subscription

£35.00 £

"Full" 12-month subscription

£110.00 £
Includes 1911 Census records!
If you need more time to explore the extensive data available on FindMyPast, a subscription voucher may be the answer. The "Full" subscription will give you access to all databases, including the GRO Indexes, censuses for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911, military and migration records, and much more; but excluding Living Relatives, and decorative Memorial Scrolls.

Total excluding postage (See table below for postage charges): £

Number of vouchers orderedPostage to:
UK Europe World
Up to 8 vouchers £0.65 £1.35 £1.95
9 vouchers or more £0.95 £1.70 £2.40