About the Newbon archive

This is the home page for the electronic records held by the Guild of One-Name Studies on behalf of the Newbon one-name study.

The archive holder is Mr Stephen Willis (Member no. 4907).

He can be contacted by e-mail at

Further contact details may be found in the Guild on-line register.

A summary of the one-name study can be found here.

Further information about the one-name study may be found on the web site of the archive holder www.newbonfamilyhistory.com.

Contents of the Newbon archive

The following records are available for search in this archive:

Archive contents last updated 14th December 2008.

The Guild Archive facility

The Guild Electronic Archive (or just the "Guild Archive") allows members of the Guild to present some of the records from their one-name study to Internet users by placing the information on the Guild web site. Members may choose to allow access to these records to everybody or to be restricted to fellow members of the Guild.

At present, the archive allows archivists to store Birth, Marriage and Death records from England & Wales (from 1837) and Scotland (from 1855), Civil Probate Records from England & Wales (from 1858), and Census Records from England & Wales (1841 to 1901). Further types of records may be included in the future.

An archive may be set up for any surname registered with the Guild. There is no charge to Guild members for this facility.

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