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The Guild of One-Name Studies introduces flexible membership joining rates in six currencies

The Guild of One-Name Studies has introduced flexible membership joining rates in six currencies to enable new members to assess the benefits of the Guild over an extended period. The Guild welcomes as members all who have an interest in one-name studies. It is not necessary to register a study name in order to join. New members can join the Guild either by post or online on this website.

The Guild membership subscription year runs from 1st November to the following 31st October. Renewal subscriptions are payable annually on 1st November. For new members joining the Guild, there is a sliding scale of subscription depending on the month of joining, which offers up to twenty-three months of membership for a single joining fee. Members joining during December and January have the option of paying either up to the next 1st November (ten or eleven months' membership) or until 1st November of the following year (22 or 23 months' membership). Full details of the subscription fees are shown in the table below. Payment is accepted in any of the six currencies: UK £, US $, Canadian $, Australian $, New Zealand $ or in Euros. Prospective members can join online and pay their membership subscription online.

Month JoinedMembership UK US CanAusNZ Euro
December 23 months £28$47$47$47$57.5034.00
January 22 months £27$45$45$45$54.0032.50
February 21 months £26$43$43$43$52.0031.00
March 20 months £25$41$41$41$50.0029.50
April 19 months £23$39$39$39$46.0027.50
May 18 months £22$37$37$37$44.0026.00
June 17 months £21$35$35$35$42.0024.50
July 16 months £19$32$32$32$38.0022.50
August 15 months £18$30$30$30$36.0021.00
September 14 months £17$28$28$28$34.0019.50
October 13 months £15$25$25$25$30.0017.50
Nov - Jan 10-12 months£15$25$25$25$30.0017.50

Details of all the Guild facilities can be found at:

where you can find out:

Cliff Kemball, the Guild's Treasurer, said today,

"The new flexible membership rates enable anyone interested in One-Name Studies to join the Guild for an extended period to find out what the benefits of membership are and to experience the services and facilities that the Guild offers."

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